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The Simple Woman's Daybook

Ones I was looking for inspiration around some blogs and found interesting place "the simple woman's daybook...where every day is a blank page" the creator is Peggy. I read about this blog and become so interested in this idea, also I felt breeze and smell of greens I think it's cos of main picture of blog ☺️ So, I would like to join Daybook. Let's begin

 Looking out my window I see a lot of cars which fill  our life. From any my windows first what will you see is vehicles.

I am thinking that I made many grammatical mistakes during write this post. Sorry my dears! Feel free to correct my mistakes, I will be so happy to learn about it. 

I am thankful to my daughter that she is giving me chance to do some other work at home. 

One of my favorite things is making gifts to my relatives or friends.

I am creating an album about my pregnancy period. I am a scrapbooking master.😎 

I am wearing loungewear it is a gray shorts and gray vest.  It's a best choice for to be active with 3 month baby in hot weather.

I am reading big encyclopedia for mothers all most all my pregnancy period and after childbirth third month. I took this book in library. Library always inspire to take a lot of books to home but at home usually don't have a chance to read. However sometimes we are reading few pages and become so proved. ✋

I am watching old TV-serial on TV called The Clone. Last time I washed it with my grandma when I was a child. It is typical Brazilian TV- serials but it was good to remember childhood moments.

I am hoping that we will find not temporary place for leaving.

I am learning a lot of things. I like to learn but all most always could not finished what I started to learn. For now I am learning 3Ds Max (computer program), Turkish, English language and how to be a mother.😊

In my kitchen is waiting me three hours dough, I want to make home rye bread. On previous Sunday I made it also but I was not successful. So, will see what will happened this time. I really want to stop to buy some products in shops whish we can make at home, cos in market too mush not real production.

At last I did this bread! I feel like to share with my recipe. To make this rye bread will take time, but results makes you happy. 

Rye bread with basic ferment (in Russian Ржаной Хлеб на закваске, if you know how translate it correct pleasure write me down)
First need to make basic ferment
Ingredients :
100 gr rye flour
100 gr water
Put the flour in a bowl . Add water and mix all of this together with a wooden spoon. Give it a good stir to make sure all of the ingredients are well mixed. Cover the bowl with some textile and leave our starter in hot place. It should stay 24 hours. After day and night need "feed" our ferment. Put again 100 gr flour and water. Mix all. Leave in warm place. On next day this based for rye bread will be ready.
Now we are preparing rye bread.

Ingredients :
100 gr rye flour
100 gr water
3 gr sugar (can be more how u like)
3 gr salt (can be more how u like)
3 gr cardamom (or other spices whish u like)

Put the flour in a bowl . Add water and mix all of this together with a wooden spoon. Add  100-200 gr our basic ferment from first step. Should leave starter for next time. Add salt, sugar, cardamom. Mix it good. If our dough so liquid add more flour that structure would be strong. Leave dough in warm place on three hours. After bake it in an oven. You have not preheated just put in the cold oven dough for 45 minutes to 200 degrees C (400 degrees F). After baking give a rest to bread. Better teat will be on next day but you can eat it in the same day! Good luck!

I would like to invite you to my art blog PolinArt. There you can learn about my hobbies like scrapbooking, cook and other thing. And also I organized a game but unfortunately all information in Russian language, but if you will have chance to join game, welcome!💓

Favorite quote

A moment from my day is walking, walking, walking ...

Thanks to everyone who enjoed to read my daybook! I would be so happy to see you in my subscriber! Have a nice day! From hurt! Bye!

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